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CREATURE LIGHT: 3 Films by Manuel Barenboim


About the films

Join us for an evening of three new film installations by Manuel Barenboim as part of our <a href="">SPATIAL FILMS</a> series!

<strong>Artist Statement for <em>Here Be Dragons</em>:</strong><br>
The Dinosaurs once ruled the earth. Now they are just traces in stone and piles of dust. This short is a gentle reflection about cycles. Here Be Dragons brings the Dinosaurs back to life  at least for a short visit.

<strong>Artist Statement for <em>Ant Hill</em>:</strong><br>
When the Argentine Ant got inserted in diverse ecosystems around the world, it's colony behavior changed: it formed massive super colonies that can reach as far as from Tijuana to San Francisco. My house happens to be in the middle of one of these colonies. As the ants explore my house looking for food supply, i explore my relationship with them. The society of the ants and the society of the humans collide in an encounter that triggers questions about the diffuse boundaries of nature, culture, and ecology.

About Manuel Barenboim

I was born in Argentina more than a quarter of a century ago. Since then, i use different sources of energy -some greener than others- to transform some experiences into others. Bicycle trips into experiments, climbing trees into animations, and ESP experiences into drawings.

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