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Furniture Porn


About the Show

In 2006, Yale business grad Aleksey Vaynor submitted his video resume to the banking world with hopes of employment. Titled "Impossible Is Nothing," the video resume contains footage of him skiing, playing tennis, and using hollow corporate cliches in an attempt to impress the viewer. Unfortunately, his video leaked online and went viral, spawning years of relentless mockery and parodies. In January of this year, he killed himself in Queens.

Has the Internet changed the way we communicate with each other? Do we treat each other differently hiding behind a username? Furniture Porn is a mixed-media, absurdest play that explores these questions but never gives a definitive answer, as our relationship with the web is changing everyday. From the early days of AOL Instant Messenger, up to the current NSA surveillance state, we use web-culture and the personal lives of the cast to create a frenetic new play about this strange new world, both online and off.

About the Company

Cliff House Arts is an ensemble dedicated to producing socially significant work through live performance and mixed-media, founded October 2012 by Andrew Sowers and Alex Vlahov. Recent credits include The Beckett Cycle, a collection of Samuel Beckett's rarely seen one-acts at The Brick and Bushwick Open Studios (June 2013); Project Bone Machine, an album-cover concert exploring Tom Waits' 1992 release at Goodbye Blue Monday (April 2013); and But Back To The Uncle, a one-man show combining Back To The Future and schizophrenia in the prison system, as part of the Tank's Dark Festival (August 2013).

Andrew Sowers is a director, actor and designer who graduated from UCLA in 2011. Alex Vlahov is a writer, director and actor who graduated from LAMDA in 2012. They are both Brooklyn based.

The cast for Furniture Porn: Danielle Romeo-White Mariana Catalina Elijah Trichon Charlotte Arnoux Emma Walton Mike McDonald Caitlin Goldie Ted Alexander Alex Vlahov

designed by Andrew Sowers original music by Jacques Boudreau & Ariel Marx co-choreography by Susannah Simpson written and directed by Alex Vlahov

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