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These Shining Lives by Melanie Marnich


about the show:

1920's Chicago, over 1000 women worked at The Radium Dial Factory. The higher ups wore masks as the women were encouraged to work with harmful products. Victimized by their employers, these women rose to become heroes. Based the true story of Catherine Donohue and her friends who sued the factory and changed labor union laws for all generations to come. "These Shining Lives" is a story of change, friendship, love, loss and the courage to persevere.

about the artists:

IVP is an all-female not-for-profit theatre company, whose mission is to produce historical plays about women, stories that are not taught in history classes and therefore go untold. IVP believes that these stories are essential; without learning from the past, we cannot hope to improve the future. We aim to create opportunities for female artists to voice the words of these unknown storytellers.