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Business Computer Presents: People Said His Brain Was Infected By Devils...


about the show:

Business Computer Presents: Sometimes I Feel the World Is Ruled By Devils… is interested in the elasticity of what sketch is, determined to break your comedy bones and reset them in a way that will assault your expectations and behavior towards sketch comedy. Through the use of both stage and video sketches, Business Computer offers a mash up of comedic proportions combining elements from “Tim and Eric”, “Human Giant” and “Kids in the Hall”, gingerly placing them all in a comedy blender with the weirdest of British humor like “Big Train” and “Jam”, and then setting it all to explode. With lasers.

The ultimate battle of good versus evil rages on, and through this experience you’ll see material that will bounce from the surrealist and absurd, to those reveling in wordplay and entendre, while some will just have fun wallowing in crassness or celebrating nostalgia. One of the few shows where you can see the earnest disintegration of a marriage while a run-of-the-mill séance is happening all while an evil scientist creates clones from America’s greatest situation comedy.

Business Computer is composed of Evan Brandon, Brian Fiddyment, Christopher Garner, Daniel Kurland, Madeline Manning, Edy Modica, and Dan Ramos.

about the artists:

Daniel Kurland is a stand-up and sketch comedy writer and performer, originally from Toronto, Ontario. He has studied sketch comedy and writing at The Second City as well as The People’s Improv Theater, performed in festivals and clubs throughout the United States and Canada, and his show “Misfortune Cookie” won Best Canadian Play at the Sears Drama Festival. Daniel runs "Freshly Brewed Coffee-edy", a monthly stand-up show in Manhattan, and is the creator of the surrealist comedy podcast, Bic Zukko’s Forever Almanac: A Chronicle of Reminiscences. . His interests include: white grape juice, bichon frises, and monogamy. Daniel’s self-destructive thought process can be followed on Twitter at, @DanielKurlansky

Evan Brandon was born in Toronto, Canada, where he began his career as an actor, and writer, appearing in commercials, stage productions and film. It was in Toronto that he discovered his love for sketch, as a co-creator of the weekly dinner theatre show, Third Banana Comedy, which he later went on to produce. Evan Brandon is a graduate of The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and currently lives in Brooklyn.

Dan Ramos is a stand-up and sketch comedian, improviser, video editor, mediocre magician and son from Montreal Canada. He’s performed in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, New York and Los Angeles. He wrote, produced, acted and edited a short mockumentary film called Scoopers which was screened at the VAFF (Vancouver Asian Film Festival), and had a role in ABC’s Movie of the Week The Path To 9/11 and The History Channel’s TV Mini-Series The Kennedys. In 2009, Dan created RIOT (Ramos’ Imagination On Television) a 30 minute comedy show which aired on FTV (Filipino Television) and Rogers. 

Edy Modica is from New York. She loves olives. She hates birds. Her celeb crush is Topher Grace. If she could be any animal, it wouldn't be a bird.

Christopher Garner is a small child from Nashville, TN. He lives in Brooklyn with his buddies. He does comedy things. He loves you.

Brian Fiddyment is a living comic genius. He is from Virginia. He has a website called

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