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Rule of 9: Two Playwrights, Two Readings, Nine Rules


An evening of two staged readings, presenting new one-act plays from Brett Epstein and Abby Rosebrock (The Flea). Each original piece had to adhere to the same nine "rules".

This time around, the rules are:

1.) Each playwright must begin drafting his/her play immediately after watching the film Lake Placid (1999), starring Bill Pullman, Bridget Fonda and Oliver Platt. 

2.) The opening scene of each play must include a character opening, closing and then reopening the door to the theatre.

3.) An audience member, selected the night of the show, must make a cameo.

4.) Two lines of dialogue must be real texts stored in the other playwright’s phone under Sent Messages.

5.) One character in each play was nominated for a Golden Globe in the '90s.

6.) Each play must include the word "jobby." 

7.) “Show me on my body where he touched your body.”

8.) There must be a live, unscripted Rorschach test.

9.) Each playwright must act in his/her own play.