The Brooklyn Generator generates new plays.

The Brooklyn Generator is the creation of Erin Mallon and Bixby Elliot. Originally started by Erin when she began making plays back in 2010 with a rotating group of 6 playwrights and 12 actors who gathered once a month on a Friday night to create six 10-minute plays in less than two days. Erin continued this way for 2 years and they collectively wrote about 140 short plays. Then, after a hiatus, Bixby and Erin put their heads together and asked each other "how can we adapt this model to support the creation of full-length plays?"

Cut to June 2014 when they re-launched The Brooklyn Generator with six great playwrights. The Generator supports each other over a six month period during which each playwright takes a turn being "Playwright-of-the-Month," bringing actors and directors to the table to create brand new full-length plays in less than 30 days. Six seasons later they are still going strong.

The Brooklyn Generator has been home to the following artists: Mallery Avidon, Eboni Booth, Ed Cardona Jr., Guadalís Del Carmen, Bixby Elliot, Georgina Escobar, Ken Greller, Amina Henry, Stephen Kaplan, Erin Mallon, Sarah Matusek, Julian J. Mesri, Eric John Meyer, Charlie O'Leary, Noah T. Parnes, Lia Romeo, Stacey Rose, Nandita Shenoy, Diana Stahl, Melisa Tien, Juan Francisco Villa and Nathan Yungerberg