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Shot4Shot: Star Wars - We're Fixing Phantom Menace

  • The Tank 312 West 36th Street New York, NY, 10018 United States (map)


Shot4Shot is simple. We take your favorite movie script and blind cast the whole thing then do a drinking game/reading. Come have fun with us. May the force be with you always. We're taking this movie back and doing it our way. Lets fix it as best we can.

It's a drinking game! So please either BYOB (especially if you'd like to take shots) or purchase the beer and wine on sale at The Tank's bar.


Stage Directions...
Drink Ref... Harry Mandogg
Qui-Gon Jinn... Langston Belton
Obi Wan Kenobi... Betty McCall
Anakin... Kara Hankard
Queen Amidala/Padme... Jack Rokicki
Jar Jar... Leah Evans (is determined to fix this)
Darth Maul/Rune... Jerry Burgos
C3P0... David Steele
R2D2... Pedro Lee
Yoda/Sebulba... Eddy Cara
Mace Windu/Owo 1/Vendor/Amee/Battledroid Captain... Melissa Parker Caron
Boss Nass/Pilot/Wald... Olivia Olivia Olivia
Shmi/Battle Droid/Sache/Aks Moe... Jared Wilder
Watto/Rabe/Seek/General Ceel... Sonia Nam
Palpatine/Darth Sidious... Sarah Kimball
Sabe/Jabba/Dofine/Ooom 9/A...
Captain/Tey How/Bibble/Valorum/Gungan Lookout/Brovo Two... Naomi Pitt
TC-14/Eirtae/Ric Olie/B/Guard/Mas Amedda/Brovo 3... Aaron LaRoche
Nute/Tarpals/Guard Droid/Jira/Kitster/Ki-Adi/Lott Dod... Megan Sugrue
Opening Crawl/Yane/Panaka/Little Girl/On The Keys... Izaak Runkel Sunleaf

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