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The Lost Village


Join us for this special interactive screening of provocative clips from the award winning film, THE LOST VILLAGE and a panel discussion hosted by the film's director, Roger Paradiso. Panelists will include Columbia Professor David Eisenbach who has run for Public Advocate, and Professor Anthony Gronowicz who appears in the film. This event is organized with the support of Drinking Liberally. Drinking Liberally is a political and social organization where self-identified liberals and progressives gather in bars to socialize and talk politics – it is the most well-known program of the Living Liberally network.

THE LOST VILLAGE is about the destruction of Greenwich Village and "villages" all across the globe due to high rents, cultural displacement and gentrification.

Did you know that the tuition, room and board at NYU is so high that an alarming number of students are resorting to sex work to survive? This is not just happening in New York but all across the country. Did you know that the luxury condos replacing St. Vincent’s Hospital are selling at sky-high prices? This is happening all over the country. The middle class, artists, craftsmen and working class people are the refugees of the financial game being played by landlords and City Hall.

Proceeds from the event will contribute to a crowdfunding campaign for The Lost Village: and cover event, operation and distribution expenses.

Later Event: April 3
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