Panic Everything's Fine

About the Show:

The world is ending in 18 hours. A group of frantic news reporters fumble through an obstacle course of disasters. They attempt to capture the stories of a dying world, in the hopes that viewers connect to each other in their final moments.

Panic Everything’s Fine is about global catastrophe. In an inventive and playful original work, In the Water Theatre Company explores how a single action can ripple towards our daily lives. Not just the action of a queen or a president, but one of us. A civilian.

In The Water Theatre Company:

In The Water Theatre Company (ITW) is a group of international theatre artists interested in challenging themselves as theatre-makers while challenging the audiences they serve. ITW produces bold new theatre that invigorates the art form, empowers emerging theatre artists. and develops unique storytelling opportunities through community collaboration.


Directed by Jonathan Taylor

Created by the ensemble:
Dante Belletti
Persia Blue
Caitlin Lavery
Kristian Sorensen

Stage Manager: Miranda Park
Managing Director: Rachel Lucas
Connectivity Director: Hayley Sherwood

312 West 36th Street / First Floor / New York, NY 10018