Ballad of Haint Blue

Ballad of Haint Blue:

"BALLAD OF HAINT BLUE" is a kaleidoscopic, PTSD portrait of a woman's life flashing before her eyes as she drives herself and her daughter, Trinity, to their bitter end. Running from a cycle of abuse, Grace invents a folk story about an intrusive monster in order to make sense of the trouble that follows her and Trinity wherever they go. However, when they move in with Grace's new boyfriend, Victor, she realizes that the story has become another thing she cannot escape.

“BALLAD OF HAINT BLUE” uses a non-linear structure, a mix of sound design and scored music, and a chorus of anonymous bodies to evoke the experience of living with PTSD from the interior perspective of Grace.

About the Show:

ROXIE PERKINS is an artist who writes and directs for theatre, film, opera, and digital mediums. She is a Sundance Playwright Fellow and her work has been nominated for The Kilroy's "The List" and featured at The Walt Disney Concert Hall.

MEGHAN FINN is the co-artistic director at The Tank and a director based in Brooklyn. Some of her recent work includes Pedro Reyes "DOOMOCRACY", and Mac Wellman's critically acclaimed production of "The Offending Gesture" at The Tank.

Oct 19, 2017

312 West 36th Street / First Floor / New York, NY 10018