Pop-Up Micro Theater

About the Show

Pop-Up Micro Theatre
created and curated by Anna Schultz

Pop-Up Micro Theatre pops up in The Tank's new space at 316 West 36th Street on October 4th, 2017 from 7-11pm! Presenting several new works in development, Pop-Up Micro Theatre showcases artists and their multitude of talents by bringing together a diverse collection of performance and visual art from across the 5 boroughs. While the show is geared towards functioning as a workshop for artists to experiment with new material, it is also an effort to expand circles and create a sense of community building. Pop-Up Micro Theatre's 2nd Edition features: music, comedy, magic, dance, storytelling, burlesque and short plays!

Rooted in trying new things, the pop-up is experimenting with a new rotating micro theatre format:
The night is broken up into 4 acts approximately 30-45 minutes in length separated by 10-15 minute intermissions.
Some performances will repeat, some will only show once.

Come Early,
Stay Late,
See what you want to see,
Then GTFO!

$10 to see everything! or $8 / act

Act Break Down!


Levi Penley


Nelson Lugo

Anne by Adi Eshman

10 minute intermission


Dazzle choreographed by Adam Wedesky

Levi Penley

Racial Science by Guadalís Del Carmen

Sean Pollock

15 minute intermission


Sydnee Washington

Levi Penley

Anne by Adi Eshman

10 minute intermission


Anna Schultz presents

Racial Science by Guadalís Del Carmen

Levi Penley

Cerebral Pussy

Go Home

Oct 4, 2017

$10 for the whole show, $8 for each act

312 West 36th Street / First Floor / New York, NY 10018