Artist Gym Showcase

About The Show

Electric Eye Ensemble's Second Annual Artist Gym Showcase. Presenting a series of short plays created and performed by participants of our Artist Gym Workshops. Each piece is a new and original theatrical work inspired by the participants' experience at Artist Gym!

About the Artists

An electric eye is a device used to detect the obstruction of light. Electric Eye Ensemble plays in the shadows and illuminates the moments of life when the light disappears. We work with artists and non-artists to create multi-disciplinary devised plays that explore our shared beliefs as Americans, and the questions that have been left out of the collective understanding. We value inclusivity, empowerment and collaboration. We speak through theater, music, movement and puppetry.

Artist Gym is Electric Eye Ensemble’s once-a-month creation and creativity workshop for those looking to bring artistic practice into their daily lives. Each Gym is themed, and exercises center around the investigation of that theme. Part playground, part devising workshop, part networking event, Artist Gym is dedicated to creating a community of diverse individuals who value collaboration and art-making in New York City. Want to try it out? Check out our website at

Apr 23, 2017

312 West 36th Street / First Floor / New York, NY 10018