Providence, RI

About The Show

There’s this town. All these people live there. There are all these places they live in. And eat at. And avoid. And die in. It’s the kind of town you hear about and think: “I should take a trip up there. For the fall colors.” But you never do. Tonight is all about this town. And its people. And their places. There are also giant squirrels in this town, and memorial dances, and a set of quintuplets mysteriously separated at birth—but we’ll get to them later. Providence, RI explores how people build towns, how towns build memories, and how those memories build new people and towns altogether.

About the Artists

By Skylar Fox & Simon Henriques
Featuring: Ava Langford, Chloe Ivanson, Danielle Guido, Simon Henriques, and Zina Ellis
Directed by Skylar Fox
Executive Produced by Jenny Gorelick

Assistant Directed by Emily Garrison

Lighting Design by Christopher Annas-Lee
Sound Design by Alex Ostroff
Costume Design by Corina Chase
Set Design by Skylar Fox

Co-Produced by Alex Donnelly, Fortress Producitons

Nightdrive makes inventive, funny, strange plays that push theatrical boundaries in order to communicate with audiences in new and exciting ways. Their work has been produced at Ice Factory at the New Ohio, Ars Nova, the Brick, Fresh Ground Pepper, the Flea, and the Orange Tea Theatre in Amsterdam, and their show ...Apathy Boy was a 2015 O’Neill finalist.


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Providence, RI trailer from Nightdrive on Vimeo.


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