Legs Akimbo

By Lyndsey Bourne

About the Show

Where do we put things that have no place? A windowless church basement, with linoleum floors and cement walls is the home of a community thrift shop. Piles of junk--pots and pans, childrens toys, used books and old clothing--clutter the dank space where three women and an introverted 12-year old tomboy, spend their days sifting through donations and pricing items. When a perverse, faceless woman wrapped in head-to-toe bandages steps into their world, seeking asylum in the church, their perceptions of their own lives are quickly shaken. The bandaged woman, Lila, has just left her husband after undergoing several plastic surgeries at once. With no place to go, a new face, a lost orgasm and a missing fetus, Lila is desperately in search of something to fill the emptiness. Her crisis quickly unsettles the other women, who begin to question the monotony of life spent in a church basement.

LEGS AKIMBO is part of The Tank's 2016 Lady Fest. For more shows and the amazing lady line up, click here!

Aug 14, 2016

$7 online/at the door

312 West 36th Street / First Floor / New York, NY 10018