My Strong Female Ego

by Micharne Cloughley

About The Show

“Girls got married and had babies and did the right thing and all the rest of it, and I could never fit into that and there were lots of other people, too, who perhaps didn't have what one young man called to me the other day "my strong male ego" to help them through.” – Dorothy Hewett in her oral history recorded by Hazel de Berg, 1973

Hazel de Berg was an Australian pioneer of oral history. As part of her life’s work, she interviewed many very different, very inspiring women. MY STRONG FEMALE EGO is a play created from these woman-to-woman oral histories.

If THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES was “not your mother’s feminism”, this is your grandmother’s feminism, weaved together by a hash-tag obsessed granddaughter. These ladies may not have featured in your history books, but they are soon to feature in your heart.

This work-in-progress reading will be performed by Naomi Livingston and Sabryna Walters.

MY STRONG FEMALE EGO is written by Micharne Cloughley, supported by the 2016 Friends Creative Arts Fellowship at the National Library of Australia.

MY STRONG FEMALE EGO is part of The Tank's 2016 Lady Fest. For more shows and the amazing lady line up, click here!

Aug 14, 2016

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