About the Show

7 writers | 7 rules | 7 new plays

RULE OF is an ongoing series that premieres 7 brand-new 10 minute plays by 7 different writers. For each show, every playwright comes up with one rule, then the 7 playwrights create new plays using all 7 rules.

One free drink with your ticket!

Featuring 7 world premieres by:

Jillie Eichler
Andy Gershenzon
Cary Gitter
Amanda Keating
Andrew Massey
Dan Moyer
Michael Walek

Rule 1 | ANDY'S RULE: Forgiveness.

Rule 2 | JILLIE'S RULE: Mustache.

Rule 3 | CARY'S RULE: There must be at least 10 seconds of appalling dancing on page 5.

Rule 4 | DAN'S RULE: A character must give an important monologue that does not contain the letter "E."

Rule 5 | ANDREW'S RULE: Several fish.

Rule 6 | AMANDA'S RULE:"Please show me your ____."

Rule 7 | MICHAEL'S RULE: A gift is given.

Jul 21, 2016

$12 and one free drink!

$12 and one free drink!

312 West 36th Street / First Floor / New York, NY 10018