The Birds and The Bees: Unabridged

About the Show

The Birds and The Bees: Unabridged explores the unique -- yet interwoven -- life circumstances of eight women & trans people forced to confront their own sexuality, realizing that sexuality itself is not simple or clear-cut. Through dialogue, movement, song, humor, and multimedia, the performance examines such themes as partner communication, sexual identity, the de-sexualization of aging women, today’s “hook-up” culture, and sexual health.

About the Creative Process

The Birds and The Bees: Unabridged was created from the ideas and opinions of over 2,000 people who participated in our nationwide survey, as well as the contributions of over 30 performers who participated in the process of collectively creating/devising this performance.

What Audiences Are Saying!

“The show was a total game-changer. Thanks for making me think.”​- Female Audience Member

“Every human should see this!” -​Male Audience Member

"I cried on the subway the first night I saw it. Just knowing people want to talk about this removes such a burden from me." -​Female Audience Member

“I have never been so entertainingly educated about female sexuality as I was tonight. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learned quite a bit along the way.” -​Male Audience Member

"Asexuality? That's a thing?? I think that's me! Thanks..." -​Audience Member

“I was amazed how you were able to present the issue of gender identity in such an accessible entertaining way. And, as a fifty-four year old, I found the discussion of sex and aging fascinating.” - M​ale Audience Member

"I appreciated that each storyline had a very specific relatable, honest human connection." - 33 year old female audience member

"This play validates, stimulates with laughter and shows our deep humanity."​- 6​2-year-old female audience member

"It made me feel normal." -​23 year old genderqueer audience member

“This show touched on some very important and complex topics that are difficult to discuss and explain. The actors and actresses depicted some weighty scenarios with dignity and grace.”​-​Judy Krinitz, Assistant Director of Student Life, Queens College

“It was so much fun and great for the seniors to see that people are still having sex and being sexual. The variety of characters in the performance showed us that there are all different ways of being sexy and there are all types of people. It's helpful for seniors to be aware of this so they can create a welcoming environment for all who attend the center. Everyone needs to see this show!“

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This show is part of The Tank's 2015 Pride Fest! For more information, please click HERE!

312 West 36th Street / First Floor / New York, NY 10018