About The Show

The How and The Tank present VANDALS Devised by the Ensemble Directed by Will Hand and Polina Ionina

One year after the killing of Heather Heyer at the Charlottesville riots, the world is a different place. A new devised theater piece opening October 12th (previews begin October 10th) at The Tank , VANDALS, developed over the course of last year, charts our national mood and the crisis of public monuments.

You may know the VANDALS as the tribe responsible for whacking off all the noses and penises from the Roman statues at the Met. VANDALS adapts a public trial of a war hero/criminal into a founding myth for democracy. It explores the personal histories of the cast to unearth the question, What do you need to change about the past in order to live in the present?

Featuring: Ilker Oztop, Weronika H. Wozniak, Tanya Chattman, Linus Ignatius, and David Glover.

312 West 36th Street / First Floor / New York, NY 10018