Rule of 7x7: Fall Edition

7 writers | 7 rules | 7 new plays

About The Show

7 plays | 7 writers | 7 rules $13 advance, $15 door Includes one free drink

RULE OF is an ongoing series that premieres 7 brand-new 10 minute plays by 7 different writers. For each show, every playwright comes up with one rule, then the 7 playwrights create new plays using all 7 rules.

Some past rules have been: "Bright sunshine." and "Somewhere on page one: a back-handed compliment, followed by ten seconds of silence." and "'This reminds me of the time I (an action) with (a person).'"

Conceived and produced by Brett Epstein.

Fall Edition Featured Playwrights:

Harron Atkins Zachery Byrd Charlotte Lang Rachael Mason Sean Murphy Ivano Pulito Lizzie Stern

"[a] hilarious evening for the trendy millennial crowd... Rule of 7x7 is not just a show, it is a party,or rather a novel idea executed extremely well." - Theater is Easy

"...what you get is an evening often outright funny, always clever, and occasionally touching." - Stage Buddy

"Combines the BEST OF THEATRICAL ENTERTAINMENT & improvisational art to create a ROUSING, often RIOTOUS evening that showcases DIVERSE young talent in NYC." - MyEntertainmentWorld

"WONDERFULLY FUNNY. Surprisingly touching." - Armstrong Plays

"The kind of theater experience where you leave in buoyant spirits...A continuous stream of laughter...The writing is clever...An exuberant exercise of the imagination...The actors' enthusiasm is contagious." - Hi! Drama

" An electrifying comedic experience...Something you will not want to miss...An all-too-funny cast...witty shortage of entertainment in each play." - ReviewFix

"Funny to thought-provoking to moving to downright whacky." - StageBuddy

" A celebration of talent & fun...You're bound to enjoy your time." Theater in the Now

"I loved this whole thing." - Maxamoo

"INGENIOUS... a lively, often touching, potpourri of bit-sized narratives... The quality of the work is uniformly strong... a deal that can't be beat.." - New York Theater Reviews

"One of our FAVORITE EVENTS IN MANHATTAN. 4 stars. Very funny." - Opplaud -

Sep 28 - Sep 29, 2018

$13 in advance | $15 at the door

$13 in advance | $15 at the door

312 West 36th Street / First Floor / New York, NY 10018