Karlos Before the Law

About the show

In a dark cell near the border, a silent prisoner stands accused. Why has he sought to infiltrate our country? And how has he slipped past our defenses? Who will prevail - prisoner or guard? Or are they both merely characters in someone else’s story?


Antonio Vega has more than twenty years' experience as an actor and playwright in Mexico and the USA, most recently performing in James Graham's Privacidad. Antonio is literary director of Por Piedad Theater Foundation which, in collaboration with the Play Company, produced his play The Duchamp Syndrome, as well as Ettore Scolla's A Special Day in NYC to rave reviews. www.porpiedadteatro.org

J.B. Alexander* is a NYC-based actor and playwright. Most recently, he performed his one-man show The Metamorphosis (about a struggling writer who is transformed into Franz Kafka) at the Zizkovska Noc festival in Prague. J.B. has received two nominations for the Prague Fringe festival's Inspiration Award, which honors promising new work. www.jaybeealexander.net

May 26, 2018

312 West 36th Street / First Floor / New York, NY 10018