Queer Memoir: Shame

About the Show

Queer Memoir is New York’s longest-running and most startingly earnest community-based LGBT storytelling series curated by Kelli Dunham; at every event we bring together some of NYC's best-known storytellers and folks who have never been on a stage in their lives.

Queer Memoir started seven years ago at Collect Pond, a Williamsburg underground performance venue so unknown we're pretty sure it was some guy's apartment. Our aim is high: to make sure all queer stories are heard, but our show is simple: a queer human, a story, people who listen. Despite our extremely unglamorous format Queer Memoir has hosted 92 events in seven years, with over 10,000 audience members, and 431 unique storytellers...some of them very unique. We collaborated with more than two dozen arts organizations over the years.

While the motto of the well known Moth story performance series is “real stories told live without notes” the motto of Queer Memoir is “real stories told live with whatever the hell you need to get your story told.” This means participants sometimes bring notes, bring their friends, work for hours with the producers to craft the story itself, or hold hands with their best friend supporting them while they are on stage.

May 2, 2018

General $15.00

312 West 36th Street / First Floor / New York, NY 10018