The Pilot Program

In this golden age of tv, it’s more and more important to provide resources and a platform for both commercial and non-commercial serial writing. This is a program whose goal is to help you improve your script through nine months of a writers group, culminating in a reading series at the end of the year. You then can build your portfolio by filming work (whether that's a full episode, a teaser, or some or all of a web series) through a partnership with Iris Media.

Rosalind Grush, Head Writer

Our 2016-17 Program hosted Eleanor Burgess, Dominick DeGaetano, Siobhan Gilbert, Liz Magee, Sarah Matusek, Javan Nelson, Krisin Slaney, Jordan Temple, Natalie Zutter

Our 2015-16 Program hosted Grace Gardner, Siobhan Gilbert, Rosalind Grush, Liz Hara, Ying Ying Li, Josh Luxenberg, Don Nguyen, Asher Novek, Charly Simpson, Taylor Tobin, and Colin Waitt.

Our 2014-15 Program hosted EllaRose Chary, Jessie Gaynor, Rosalind Grush, Liz Hara, Rachel Jablin, Layla Khoshnoudi, Asher Novek, Abby Rosebrock, Kristen SaBerre, and Taylor Tobin.

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