The Pilot Program

In this golden age of tv, it’s more and more important to provide resources and a platform for both commercial and non-commercial serial writing. This is a program whose goal is to help you improve your script through nine months of a writers group, culminating in a reading series at the end of the year. You then can build your portfolio by filming work (whether that's a full episode, a teaser, or some or all of a web series) through a partnership with Iris Media.

Rachel Wolther, Pilot Program Consultant

Submissions for 2016-17
The writers group, which will start meeting October of 2016, can contain discussions of scripts for webisodes or full-length episodic work. Meetings are 2-3 hours long and will be at 1pm on the following dates: October 16, November 13, December 11, January 22, February 12, March 19, April 23, and May 21. Readings will be in the summer of 2016, and filming will commence whenever you're ready!

To apply, please provide: a writing sample between 5 and 10 pages long, your resume, and a brief description of the project that you’d like to work on in the group. Project proposals can be for webisodes or pilots of full-length half-hour or hour long shows. The writing sample does not need to be from your proposed project. Email submissions to with TV Program Application in the subject line. Applications are due Tuesday September 20.

Our 2015-16 Program hoated Grace Gardner, Siobhan Gilbert, Rosalind Grush, Liz Hara, Ying Ying Li, Josh Luxenberg, Don Nguyen, Asher Novek, Charly Simpson, Taylor Tobin, and Colin Waitt.

Our 2014-15 Program hosted EllaRose Chary, Jessie Gaynor, Rosalind Grush, Liz Hara, Rachel Jablin, Layla Khoshnoudi, Asher Novek, Abby Rosebrock, Kristen SaBerre, and Taylor Tobin.

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