7 plays | 7 writers | 7 rules

RULE OF is an ongoing series that premieres 7 brand-new 10 minute plays by 7 different writers. For each show, every playwright comes up with one rule, then the 7 playwrights create new plays using all 7 rules.

"[a] hilarious evening for the trendy millennial crowd... Rule of 7x7 is not just a show, it is a party,or rather a novel idea executed extremely well."
- Theater is Easy

"...what you get is an evening often outright funny, always clever, and occasionally touching."
- Stage Buddy

"Combines the BEST OF THEATRICAL ENTERTAINMENT & improvisational art to create a ROUSING, often RIOTOUS evening that showcases DIVERSE young talent in NYC."
- MyEntertainmentWorld

"WONDERFULLY FUNNY. Surprisingly touching."
- Armstrong Plays

"The kind of theater experience where you leave in buoyant spirits...A ​continuous stream of laughter...The writing is clever...An exuberant exercise of the imagination...The actors' enthusiasm is ​contagious."
- Hi! Drama

" An electrifying comedic experience...Something you will not want to miss...An all-too-funny cast...witty writing...​no shortage of entertainment in each play."
- ReviewFix

​"Funny to thought-provoking to​ moving to​ ​downright whacky."
- StageBuddy

​" A celebration of talent & fun...You're bound to enjoy your time."
Theater in the Now

​"I loved this whole thing."
- Maxamoo

​"INGENIOUS... a lively, often touching, potpourri of bit-sized narratives... The quality of the work is uniformly strong... a deal that can't be beat.."
- New York Theater Reviews

"One of our FAVORITE EVENTS IN MANHATTAN. 4 stars. Very funny."
- Opplaud -

Some past rules have been: "Bright sunshine." and "Somewhere on page one: a back-handed compliment, followed by ten seconds of silence." and "'This reminds me of the time I (an action) with (a person).'"

Conceived and produced by Brett Epstein

Past RULE OF writers are: Brett Aresco, Rob Askins, Chiara Atik, Matt Cox, Brett Epstein, Jahna Ferron-Smith, Ryan Fogarty, Andy Gershenzon, Ashley Jacobson, Rachael Mason, Dan McCabe, Catya McMullen, Seth Moore, Donaldo Prescod, Ivano Pulito, Jeff Ronan, Abby Rosebrock, Lilli Stein, Christopher Sullivan, Stephanie Swirsky, Jordan Swisher, Colin Waitt, Jon Caren, Dylan Dawson, Ken Greller, Monet Hurst-Mendoza, Sylvia Khoury, Ginamarco Soresi, Jenny Morris, Jack Gilbert, Lia Romeo, Charly Evon Simpson, Natalie Zutter, Matt Barbot, Mat Smart, Hilary Bettis, Drew Lewis, Cary Gitter, Sam Perwin, Lizzie Stern, Rosalind Grush, David Jackson, Briana Pozner, Layla Khoshi, Erin Mallon, Charlie O'Leary, James A. Tyler, Nicco Aeed, Krista Knight, Matt Stango, Rachel Lin, Dan Moyer, Rachel Lin, Amanda Keating, Andrew Massey, Michael Walek,​ Will Arbery, Matt Crowley, Anderson John Heinz, Sarah Bedard.

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