PrideFest 2016

Pride Fest

About the Festival

Over the course of two weeks, The Tank is opening the floor to a wide variety of performances and discussions surrounding the topics of sexuality, gender, and equality. The works presented will celebrate this community (whether through the artists represented or through the content of the project), address challenges that are still faced as we strive for equal civil rights, and evoke or give way to new ideas and perceptions on how we define ourselves, individually, within our own community, and in the global community at large. Whether through unity or discordance, these performances and discussions, workshops and forums, ought to shed light on the dynamic individuals and groups who make up the vibrant LGBTQIA community..

Featuring incredible new work from C Bain, Samantha Kaseta, Ellie Sachs & Emma Horwitz, LezCab, Kev Berry, Marc Andrew Nunez and a host of amazing dance artists, Carl Holder and much more!

PrideFest runs from July 7-10 & July 14-17

The Proud AF Solo Show Festival: Part of PrideFest

We’re here, we’re queer … we’re telling our stories onstage for the Proud AF Solo Show Festival. Join The Tank as we bring together some of storytelling's out-est and proudest performers to share their lives in a series of enlightening, entertaining and engaging shows about the queer experience. From a young boy growing up on show tunes to a woman placed in solitary confinement because of her looks, we’re covering a spectrum of tales across the LGBTQIA rainbow as part of Summer PrideFest 2016.

PrideFest will also include a Sunday Brunch Dish Session on July 10 & 17- a panel discussion hosted by Honest Accomplice and an open forum on the joys and challenges of creating queer identifying art. Coffee will be provided!

312 West 36th Street / First Floor / New York, NY 10018