The Seduction of Europa

About The Show

by Gio Janiashvili

For flute and electronics
Flute: Laura Falzon

Composer, electronics: Gio Janiashvili

Duration: 45 min.
World Premiere

The title of the work is borrowed from the Greek myth The Seduction of Europa. However, this musical work does not aim to illustrate the story of the god Zeus transforming himself into a white bull, seducing the Phoenician King Agenor's daughter Europa, and abducting her to Crete. The title plays the part of a reference point - opening a fictional dimension to the musical work to be perceived and interpreted individually by each audience member.

Gio Janiashvili -
Laura Falzon -

Sep 26, 2018

312 West 36th Street / First Floor / New York, NY 10018