LadyFest Films: Hurt

About The Show

Hurt aims to capture a moment of almost total freedom to represent a woman's longing for her lost innocence after a heartbreaking experience. In an attempt to release the pain of a broken heart, she longs for a time when she was young and innocent.

This film is being screened as part of our LadyFest Films program. Check out our other films: Pony Bar, Touch, and Suppressing Certainty.

Our second annual LadyFest features the best new work by the best female artists working in New York! Click here for our full programming.

About The Artists

Actress: Akira Karyn Kusama-Hinte, better known as Kiki, is a New Yorker, who is about to enter second grade. Even though she was born into a family of filmmakers, and enjoys making film and art, her biggest dream now is to become a scientist or teacher.

Director/Writer/Executive Producer: Moema Umann is a Brazilian filmmaker, and co-owner/founder of MoTif Productions. She holds a M.F.A. in directing from The Actors Studio in New York. Her work seeks to explore new ways of telling stories through a mix of film, drawing, animation, photography, and poetry. Through her projects she aims to create opportunities for other underrepresented artists to collaborate.

Producer and Executive Producer: Tiffany DeRuyter is from Montana and is an anthropologist, educator, director, producer and co-owner/founder of MoTif Productions. She currently manages a Building Infrastructure Leading to Diversity (BUILD) program at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Tiffany uses filmmaking to bring global issues to light particularly those faced by underrepresented groups.

Writer and Executive Producer: Paul Douglas McNeill II is a writer and English professor living in the Arctic Circle of Alaska and teaching at a tribal college. His poems and short stories have appeared in The Wayne Literary Review, The Maynard, Topology Magazine, Quail Bell Magazine, and Off the Coast. He is also the managing editor of Aglaun, the literary journal of Iḷisaġvik College.

Animator and Executive producer: Faiyaz Jafri was born and raised in rural Holland of Dutch and Pakistani descent. He studied at the Technical University of Delft (MSc) and is a self-taught animation artist and music composer. His work has been exhibited in the form of print, paintings, installations, animations, and sculptures. Jafri’s award-winning films have screened at prestigious festivals and museums.

Sound: Victor Castelo graduated in Popular Composition in Brazil, and was part of chorus and bands in Brasília, São Paulo, and Mexico City. He was a singer, arranger and musical director at Cantando na Chuva Productions. Victor composed soundtracks for award winning films such as White (Clarke), Strange Things Happen (Toro/Khudoko), and Moth (Umann). He’s currently finalizing his album “Redesabito”.

Original soundtrack: Helio Sales Jr. is a Brazilian multimedia artist with works that gravitate between sound, vision, and words. Author of many short animated films, soundtracks and two books, he finds in Moema's work a lot of inspiration. Publicist: Yasmin Santana is a Brazilian actress and designer based in Brooklyn. Yasmin graduated with a BA in Performing Arts from CEFART (Brazil) and has an extensive background in theater and film. She is currently working as a company artist at 3-Legged Dog Art and Technology Center in New York.

Aug 19, 2017

312 West 36th Street / First Floor / New York, NY 10018