Must-See TV Reading Series: Dry County

by Siobhan Gilbert

About The Show

In the year 2030, there are only three main water sources left for the entirety of Southern California. The Flores family is torn between right and wrong when two brothers live out their destinies on opposite sides of a law in a county with a dwindling water supply after the largest reservoir in the area is destroyed. While California Governor Freddy Flores pursues presidential ambitions as a rising star in the Republican party, his younger brother and environmental activist with a PhD in Bioengineering, Eduardo seeks to aid those dying of dehydration in the slums of Santa Ana the only way he can outside the system- hijacking water transports. The two brothers must learn that when living in a place where resources are drying up by the second, doing what is right and what is necessary are rarely the same thing.

Directed by Melissa Crespo

About the Must-See TV Series

This series is the culmination of The Tank's Pilot Programme. In this TV Writing group, full-length pilots and web series were developed in monthly meetings over the course of the year.

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Aug 25, 2016

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