Must-See TV Reading Series: Trade | BULLY! | Blank Generation

About the Event

The Tank has hosted its first-ever Television Writing Program this year. 11 writers and 8 projects, including both full-length pilots and web series, were developed in monthly meetings over the course of the year. Come see readings of we've been working on!

About Trade

In Trade, Emily is just about to get her MFA in poetry and is trying to make her way in the real world.

Jessie Gaynor is a poet whose work has been published on the Paris Review Daily and McSweeney's. She's the executive editor of SparkNotes, so she knows a little something about the Youth Market. You know, in theory.

About BULLY!

Bully! Is a puppet comedy about Teddy Roosevelt and his best frenemy William Howard Taft. Teddy is a moose-riding, butt-kicking, boot-knocking asshole; Taft is a sensitive genius who spends his nights crying while reading the Constitution. It's up to Taft to keep his best friend safe and the country running. It's up to Teddy to drunk-order from Skymall and see where the night takes him. Bully! is puppet history in the making.

Bully! was the winner of the ATX Festival Pitch Competition in 2015.

Liz Hara is a Brooklyn-based writer and puppeteer. She currently works for Sesame Street, and has won an Emmy Award for her work on costume designs there. She also has begun writing for the new PBS show Nature Cat. Her puppet plays has been performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the New Orleans Fringe Festival, and theaters across the country. Her newest show with co-creator Spencer Lott, Now All We Have Left is Each Other, was recently awarded the new Henson Residency at the O'Neill Theatre Center.

About Blank Generation

Saskia Nilsson grew up feral, free, and entirely unsupervised in the wild 1960s milieu of the Chelsea Hotel and the Warhol Factory. After a chaotic adolescence and heavy drug addiction sends her fleeing to California, she returns to NYC in 1975 in search of answers and closure from the first man to let her down: her wayward artist brother and one-time guardian, Stefan. This hour-long dramedy tells the story of 60s glamour, 70s decay, and the possibilities that come with having nothing to lose.

Taylor Tobin is a Brooklyn-based writer, director and producer. A graduate of NYU/Tisch, she has been involved with projects at PS122, the Public Theater, the Ontological-Hysteric Theater, Broken Glass and Fresh Ground Pepper. She's thrilled for this opportunity to try her hand at TV writing, and she thanks Rosalind and The Tank for their support!

Aug 20, 2015

Free! Click the link to RSVP.

312 West 36th Street / First Floor / New York, NY 10018