Film @ The Tank

The Tank’s Film Program provides a home for innovative, new full-length and short films and video installations. We provide New York City’s most exciting emerging filmmakers and video artists with a forum to screen their work or realize their artistic visions at no cost to them.

Past filmmakers who have screened work at The Tank over the years include:

Andrew Bujalski | Jem Cohen | Marie Losier | Hal Hartley | Ross McElwee | and many, many more!

Our signature programs are:

Filmmaker Breakthroughs is a series that gives a home to full-length films by emerging filmmakers, providing a space where a filmmaker’s work can be shown and seen in New York City. From features to documentaries, from retrospectives to putting a few artists’ work in conversation, this series showcases up-and-coming artists on their way to the festival circuit and beyond. Curated by Nick McCarthy. For more info and future dates, click HERE!

Spatial Film is a series curated by filmmaker Emma Zbiral­-Teller that focuses on the relation of film and space. It features artists who aim to create atmospheric environments for their video pieces to live within, and invites audiences to join. It is an exploration of film as a textural, tangible, interactive experience and challenges its notion of entertainment and presentation.

Our current film curators are: Nick McCarthy and Emma Zbiral­-Teller.

Screen your work here! As with all of our programming, we operate with an ongoing open submissions process. Click HERE for application instructions!

312 West 36th Street / First Floor / New York, NY 10018