Armada Vignettes

About The Show

Through the vehicle of Jen Roit’s art and vision, Armada Dance strives to change the world by making contemporary and modern dance more accessible to broader audiences through narrative dance and artistic collaboration. Furthermore, Armada Dance will evoke change in the dance community by providing opportunities to all types of talented artists and great movers who may defy traditional molds and expectations of “dancer”.

Armada Vignettes is a show crafted in three acts around the mission of Armada. The first act will consist of the first three works in an ongoing series of solos which reimage iconic dance solos made and performed by choreographers. Lament inspired by Martha Graham’s Lamentation Smoke inspired by Ruth St. Dennis’ Incense Seed inspired by David Dorfman’s Lightbulb Theory

The second act will be a showing of both new and revisited choreography by members of Armada including Ernesto Mancebo, Adrianna Perez, Jerica Neihoff, and Jenny Gram.

The third act is a mix of Armada repertory, opening with an excerpt of In(de)spiration, a future evening length work. I believe in making work that doesn’t specify gender, so TRUSTissues, a tango originally created for myself and a male partner, will be reset with two men performing both lead and follower roles. The night will close with a brand new work created in collaboration with singer Katherine Woods.

Hosted on the evening of Easter Sunday, each ticket holder can look forward a festive surprise on their seat, so be sure to get your tickets early before the show sells out!

Apr 16, 2017

$12 online. $15 at the door

312 West 36th Street / First Floor / New York, NY 10018