Armada Vignettes

About the Show

Armada Vignettes is an entertaining and approachable dance show in three short acts.

Act 1: Premieres of all new solos from the Master Series, an exploration of iconic choreographic solos reimagined by choreographer Jen Roit

Act 2: Friends and family of Armada Dance present accessible dance pieces

Act 3: Two pieces of Armada Repertory: Tropes, a comedic dance about the subway, and Synapse, a new excerpt of a future full-length pointe piece

Biography of Choreographer and Founder, Jen Roit: While dancing for some wonderful choreographers, Randy James of 10HL Projects and Gabriel Chajnik of TranscenDance Group, I produce narrative dance works with my own company: Armada. Serving my aim to democratize dance, I am also on the Artist Committee for National Choreography Month, editor for the Dance Magazine College Guide, Project Manager for TERP Corp, and founder of the Broke Dancer.

Armada Dance Mission: Through the vehicle of Jen Roit’s art and vision, Armada Dance strives to change the world by making contemporary and modern dance more accessible to broader audiences through narrative dance and artistic collaboration. Furthermore, Armada Dance will evoke change in the dance community by providing opportunities to all types of talented artists and great movers who may defy traditional molds and expectations of “dancer”.

Company Bio: Armada Dance has been presented by BalaSole Dance Company, MaD Circle Dance, Moving Beauty Series, Amalgamate Artist Series, Equilibrium Danceworks, Conkrete Jungle Productions, RAW Artists, and WAXworks. The company has performed nationally and internationally at HATCH, Spoke the Hub, Dixon place, The Actor’s Fund Theater, Ailey Citigroup Theater, Triskelion, and Ticino in Danza (Switzerland). Both stage work and film work support Armada’s creative storytelling goals, while Jen Roit’s work in the dance community with organizations like Dances for Solidarity, TERP Corp, NACHMO, the Broke Dancer, and Dance/NYC’s Junior Committee broaden Armada’s outreach.

Website: Facebook: Instagram/Twitter: @armada_dance

May 6, 2018

$15 in advance, $20 at the door

312 West 36th Street / First Floor / New York, NY 10018