Basic Bitch of the Resistance

About the Show

If theres one YAS QUEEN of the high school scene its Ella. I mean shes the cheerleading captain, popular AF, and her ambition and looks are #onfleek. But newsflash! She for realsies has white privilege, like 100%. So its time to go on an odyssey of self-discovery and learn about icky implicit bias and ways to be a legit ally in a school full of injustice. No spoilers but in the end shell become the Basic Bitch of the Resistance in a new comedic play by Emily Bold.

Directed by Maureen Monterubio
Choreography by Caroline Moore
Starring Sara Ruth Blake, Emily Bold, Salomé Egas, Bobbi Jeanne Misick, Caroline Moore, Onyi Okoli, and Scott Vicari

Instagram: @basicbitchresist

Nov 11, 2017

312 West 36th Street / First Floor / New York, NY 10018