Bronson Horror Fest

About the Show

A group of friends meet each other at a remote location - a cabin the woods, a florencian villa, a boat house on a lake - for a much needed break from the outside world. They're so far away from other people. It's so quiet. It's so dark.

The power goes out.
Rebecca is dead.

Bronson Improv presents a​ fully-improvised​ hour long​ horror movie. We won't all make it out alive. Bronson is Addie Weyrich, Jesse VandenBergh, Jenny Gorelick, Mākena Miller, and Michael Varamogiannis. Sitting in for the terror will be Jeremy Moulton! Accompanied by Martin Tugade on spooky sound​.

Bronson brings the improvised-movie-form established in Sweden by Anders Fors to New York City. Together they have over 9,000 combined years of improv experience and perform movies of all genres - including Rom-Com's, Sci-Fi, Superhero, Horror, and Noir. Their bread and butter is narrative-heavy ACTION! sets. This ensemble comes equipped with a unique set of skills to perform back alley brawls and martial art free-for-alls, fire fights, car chases, interrogations, intense stares, and of course, EXPLOSIONS. Bronson has toured all over the world, performing at the Steelstacks Improv Festival in PA, the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival, Baltimore Improv Group at the Single Carrot Theatre, and at the Reykjavík Improv Festival in Iceland. ​

Nov 4, 2017

$8 in advance; $10 at the door

312 West 36th Street / First Floor / New York, NY 10018