Gender Is Dead and So Is Your Liver: Twister

About the show:

We've done League of Their Own, Glengary, and Legally Blonde now it's time for the next casual reading/drinking game... TWISTER.

In GENDER IS DEAD AND SO IS YOUR LIVER folks are cast just because they're fun and amazingly talented people. Drinking rules are implemented in this live reading both on stage and in the audience. We ignore all other character attributes and let folks go wild. Genders are switched, aesthetics, and everything in between. We're in it for the good time.

The Cast:

STAGE DIRECTIONS/COWS... Katie Lazarus DRINK REF... Erik J. Lundstrom BILL HARDING... Ali Mierzejewski DR. JO HARDING... Andy Fitch DR. MELISSA REEVES... Mark X Guinn DR. JONAS MILLER... Alyson Cripps AUNT MEG... Steve Capps DUSTY DAVIS... Leah Evans ROBERT 'RABBIT' NURRICK... Emily Asaro ALLAN SANDERS/RADIO... Rachel Clayton JASON 'PREACHER' ROWE/MURPHY... Heather Jewels Booth TIM 'BELTZER' LEWIS/FATHER... Andrea Paolini JOEY/BRYCE... Jared Wilder HAYNES/REPORTER.. Will Dietzler LAURENCE/PARAMEDIC... Melissa Aquiles EDDIE/AUTO TECH/FLANDERS... Michelle Noguera MOTHER/TONY/DEAN/EMPLOYEE... Cameron Jefts THE TWISTERS... played by Armory's King Crab (as Sean Perham volunteered them: Matthew A. Schrader Jerry Burgos Eric Mangin Olivia Anne Brennan Lowery.. ANYONE ELSE?)

Jul 1, 2017

312 West 36th Street / First Floor / New York, NY 10018