The Armory

Our Weekly Long-Form Improv Series

About The Show

We super excited to kick off our weekly house improv team program at The Tank, lovingly referred to as The Armory.

"We're making history." - George Washington.. or Brian Hansbury ("The Panel").. or maybe we made it up.

Join us every Friday night at 9:30 PM to see long-form improvisation performed by your favorite Tank House Teams.

The House Teams revolve each week - keep an eye on Facebook to see which teams will be coming at you each Friday!

Hosted by: Leah Evans (Curator of The Armory, "The Panel")

The Teams

Leah Evans
Brian Hansbury
Ron Hill
Steve Capps
Adrian Sexton
Amanda Stafford
Mike Sause
Stephen Thornton

Emily Asaro
Jerry Burgos
Donna Wood
Hannah Erdheim
Beth Rodgers Benson
Rachel Clayton
Spencer Meade
Dominick Nero

Samantha Singleton
Mark X Guinn
Dave Herman
Joel Shaughnessy
Ali Mierzejewski
Sarah Marie Degni
Andy Fitch
Tim Canty

Emily Asaro
Evan Zelnick
Abe Woycke
Justin McElwee
Andrew Joelson
Katie Lazarus
Emilia Horn
Eddy Cara
Andrew Ontiveros

Kevin Tully
Jaime Fallon
Matt Schimkowitz
Ben Kharakh
Lauren Elizabeth-Killer
Dave Buscema
Dustin D'Addato
Logan Lampton
Emmanuel Elpenord

Pedro Lee
Nick Tonery
Kara Hankard
Susan Widdicombe
Beth Rodgers Benson
Michael Williams
David Steele
Will Dietzler

Brennan Lowery
Jerry Burgos
Alyson Cripps
Eric Mangin
Olivia Anne
Matthew A. Schrader
Kenneth Haskins
Julie St
Sean Perham

Scott Benjamin
Charles Stcharles
Marissa Stuart
Declan C. Ham
Joy Masters
Rachel Clayton
Ian Xavier Mather
Brian Kelley

Bryan Packman
Erik J. Lundstrom
Tom Ed Buffalo Powers
David Benedetto
Spencer Meade
Dominique Salerno
Tony DeFeo
David del Rosario
Chris Bouknight

INTERNS: Jared Laxer, Stephanie Roetzel, Marlene Robinson

312 West 36th Street / First Floor / New York, NY 10018