We're Trying Here

24 Hour Comedy Festival

We're Trying Here: 24 Hour Comedy Festival

New York City is the hub for all sorts of comedy whether it be improvisation, sketch, music, podcasts, and more. There is never a shortage of types of comedy shows to choose from...so why should you?!

Founded by The Armory Founder Leah Evans, We're Trying Here - A Comedy Festival was designed so that for two whole days you don't have to! It'll all be available for you in one place to sample as you see fit... For nearly 24 hours straight!

$5 per show/hour or grab an All-Access Pass that will get you into as many shows as you want for just $30!


$5 Single Show/Per Hour $30 All Festival Pass

September 29th

6 PM - Hank’s Leftovers, Miracle Horse, Bougie, Damnit Kevin, These Two

7 PM - King Crab, Tapass Queerass, Family Sauna, Ghost Clique, Trash

8 PM - Savage, The Internet Disagrees, Screwdriverz, Shitz Carlton Standup: Jared Wilder

9 PM (Sketch Block) - OPEN, OK Meatplace Standup: Amanda Krebs

10 PM - The Boozeroom, Mostly Women, Softball, Goliath Standup: Megan Goetz

11 PM - New Tork, Definitely Humans, The Panel, Standup: Nat Towsen

September 30th

12 AM - Second Most Fuckable, Side Salad, Humble Gods, Standup: Gregory Hall

1 AM - Hmm, Old Man Time, One Man Shot4Shot, Maddy Casale (characters), Kermit’s Flailing Arms

2 AM - SLEEP DEPRIVED IMPROV JAM hosted by John Vogel

3 AM - 6 AM - Traditional Showing of the Room

7 AM - Shewitt, Breakfast Boys, Decorative Soap, Rafael Rautha (characters)

8 AM - Peachel and Jerry’s Treehouse, Therapy Session, Fireman’s Carry, Plastic Bones

9 AM - Headshot, Babyprov, The Flock (Big/Little Program), My First Tattoo

10 AM - The Plan, Gritty Reboot, Stranded, Masterminds

11 AM - Boots N Cats, Spencer Meade is a Villain, Stove’s Cabin Crew

12 PM - 3 Weird Lizards, Brand Loyal, Jane Don’t, Gym Crush

1 PM - Minivan’s World, HULSH, Coach’s Kid, WunderAcktion Standup: Randall Otis

2 PM - ---, Informal Attire, Fight Club Sandwich, Falcon Toss Standup: Gary Levitt

3 PM - Off The Top Improv Jam - Hosted by Raymond Morency

4 PM - Towels, Bad People, Standup: Gianmarco Sorsei

5 PM - Pyramid Scheme, Tobin Tales, Bryan Packman, Standup: Anthony Oberbeck

6 PM (Sketch) - Face for Radio, Cam McCall Standup: Veronica Garza

7 PM (Ladies Night) - RSVP, Butterfly Kisses, DMXX, Attractive Nuisance Standup: Katie Skiff: Bad Date!

Sep 29, 2018

312 West 36th Street / First Floor / New York, NY 10018