Shot4Shot: Angels in the Outfield

A Drinking Game with a Movie Problem

About the show


SHOT 4 SHOT REMAKE is a drinking game with a movie problem. In this reading we just cast whoever we think would be best for the role. Drinking rules are launched and fun times are had. This week's selection? Angels in the Outfield

The cast

Stage Directions/Angels... Will Dietzler

Drink Ref/Angels... Christina Georgandis

Roger... Andy Fitch

JP... Aaron LaRoche (debut!)

Al the Boss Angel... Raquel Palmas (debut!)

Maggie Nelson/Angels... RJ Williams (debut!)

George Knox... Leah Evans

David Montagne/Cop... Mike Spara

Ranch Wilder... Alyson Cripps

Mel Clark/Roger's Dad... Ali Mierzejewski

Hank Murphy/Fan... Joy Weeeng (debut!)

Danny Hemmerling/Miguel/Helper.. Rachel Clayton

Ben Williams/Producer/Photographer... Marissa Stuart

Jose Martinez/Wally... Christine PiƱeiro

Whitt Bass/Woman/Marvin.. David Steele

Triscuit Messmer/Skip Gates/Stadium Announcer/Secretary... Sonia Nam

Bluejays Coach/Umpire/Man/Judge... Adrian Sexton (debut)

On the Keys/Angels... Jack Rokicki (debut)

May 26, 2018

312 West 36th Street / First Floor / New York, NY 10018