The Armory Indie Tournament

About the Show

In a three-round tournament-bracket-style competition, indie teams battle it out on the Armory stage for glory and trophies.

THE BRACKET & BATTLE ROUNDS 12 indie teams are placed in 4 groups sorted by their improv forms (no montages). The winners from each group go to the next battle, whittle down to the final round. Teams get 12 minute sets, blacked out at time. Each battle opens with a set from the hosts, Rivals, and their guest judge.

JUDGING All Rivals members, the guest, and the audience will vote for the winner. Each audience member is a full vote. Stacking the audience is allowed. In the event of a tie, one team will be chosen to move on by a random drawing.

PRIZES Battle winners receive Armory Tournament trophies, lots of fun, and the glory of winning!

312 West 36th Street / First Floor / New York, NY 10018