Shot4Shot: The Force Awakens

A Drinking Game with a Movie Problem

About the show

WE'RE ON THE MAINSTAGE THIS ONE. Start time is 10:30 PM.

SHOT 4 SHOT REMAKE is a drinking game with a movie problem. In this reading we just cast whoever we think would be best for the role. Drinking rules are launched and fun times are had. This week's selection? FORCE AWAKENS.


Stage Directions: Heather Jewels Booth

Drink Ref: Erik J. Lundstrom

Rey... Dave Herman

Finn/Stormtrooper/FN-2187... Ayo Edebiri

Kylo Ren... Marissa Stuart

BB8 - Michael Williams

Han Solo/Poe - Leah Evans

Chewbacca - Matthew A. Schrader

Leia... Patrick Reidy

C3P0/Stormtrooper 5 - David Steele

R2D2/Lor San Tekka/Stormtrooper 4/Trooper Guard 2 - Pedro Lee

Luke/Senior Trooper/Star Destroyer Technician/Lieutenant Mitaka/Admiral Ackbar/Niv Lek... Rachel Clayton

Snoke/Stormtrooper 2/Colonel Datoo/Vober Dand... Melissa Parker Caron

Maz/Unkar/Rathtar/Gulch/Ello Asty/Young Technician... Nick Carrillo

General Hux/Teedo... Jake Keefe (debut)

Captain Phasma/Bala-Tik/Snap/Major Ematt... Langston Belton

Opening Crawl/Technician 1/Ranzoo Kin-Fee/Bazine/General Statura/Brance/Officer/Stormtrooper FN-9330/LT Bastian/Officer Tabala Zo... Olivia Olivia Olivia

Stormtrooper 1/First Order Colonel/Tasu Leech/GA-97/Young Girl/Jess/Dr. Kalonia/Starkiller Technician/First Order Officer/Yolo Ziff/Kaydel Ko Connix... Jerry Burgos

On the Keys... Joe Galan-Kaiser

May 12, 2018

312 West 36th Street / First Floor / New York, NY 10018